Student Discussion Groups

Each year, students have initiated and facilitated a number of Student Discussion Groups, based on a strong interest to engage in interdisciplinary discussions on negotiation- and conflict resolution-related topics. The purpose of the Discussion Groups is to bring students with a shared interest together to explore the nuances of a topic and to share professional experiences and research findings.

Typically, Discussion Group meetings begin with a presentation by a guest speaker or group member, followed by a round-table discussion. The discussion groups are open to all students and can be joined throughout the year.

Current Student Discussion Groups

Religion, Conflict and Peace
Peacemaking from the Inside-Out
Conflict in Africa

Past Student Discussion Groups

Peacemaking from the Ground-Up
Women and Negotiation
Negotiation and Nonviolent Action Student Task Group (2006-2007)
Trans-boundary Water Management and Negotiation Group (2004-2006)
Sudan Student Discussion Group (2004-2005)

Establishing a Student Discussion Group

Any student who would like to create and coordinate a Discussion Group is encouraged to contact the Student Interest Group Coordinator. In alignment with PON’s mission to support student initiatives, PON can provide meeting space and logistical support to approved Discussion Groups, as well as guidance and advice on contacts, discussion themes, group process, and other help as needed.


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