How Apple botched its TV expansion deals

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In recent decades, Apple often found success by charging headfirst into unfamiliar industries, from book publishing to music to mobile phones, and disrupting their longstanding business models. In the early 2000s, for example, the company’s cofounder, Steve Jobs, pressured music labels into replacing their model of selling $15 CDs with the practice of

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One Response to “How Apple botched its TV expansion deals”

  • They completely botched it. A good acquisition for Apple would have been Yahoo which had media properties already ( and other sites which have since been shutdown by the new CEO of Yahoo. They also had a TV-Guide area and numerous widgets that they also designed where could have been used for Apple-TV and also the current Apple MacOS Widgets tools. Yahoo had a brief foray into Yahoo-TVs inside taxi-cabs this could have been broadened-out as part of a tool-kit to make taxis more competitive with Uber/Lyft/Fasten/Via/Sidecar/BlaBlaCar/Bridj.


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