International Negotiations: Cross-Cultural Communication Skills for International Business Executives

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In this Special Report, we offer expert advice from the Negotiation newsletter to help you in international negotiations. You will learn to:

  • Cope with culture clashes.
  • Weigh culture against other important factors.
  • Prepare for possible cultural barriers.
  • Deal with translators.
  • Avoid ethical stereotypes.
  • Consider the team approach.

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2 Responses to “International Negotiations: Cross-Cultural Communication Skills for International Business Executives”

  1. Michael /

    Dear PON, Everytime I try to download any of your free reports and regardless of the sequence of my clicks, I am taken to a 'Program Home' page, where I am shown an error message indicating that my email address is already registered and this is prohibiting me from downloading any report. I would dearly love to access your interesting material, but technology seems to be getting in the way. Do you have any suggestion on how I can access some of your free reports? Would appreciate any help. Reply

    • Keith /

      Michael, So sorry about the difficulty you encountered when attempting to download our free reports. We will be in contact with you shortly about resolving this issue. Thank you for your interest in the Program on Negotiation. Reply

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