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Negotiating the Impossible

PON Staff   •  08/25/2015   •  Filed in 1 Day Courses, executive training

Some negotiations go smoothly, while others seem completely hopeless, with escalating conflict, increasingly aggressive behavior, and neither side willing to back down. Yet no matter how high the stakes or how protracted the dispute, even the most explosive situations can be defused. When handled effectively, even the worst conflicts have potential solutions. … Read More 

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Leveraging the Power of Emotions As You Negotiate

PON Staff   •  02/21/2015   •  Filed in 1 Day Courses, executive training

We all experience emotionally challenging conflicts and negotiations. Whether you are negotiating with your board or with your family, over internal resources or with external partners, as the buyer or as the seller, emotions can turn an otherwise productive negotiation into an unprofitable disaster.It does not have to be that way. In this interactive workshop, … Read More 

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