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AI, Technology, and Negotiation Conference

PON Working Conference on AI, Technology, and Negotiation

On May 17th and 18th, 2020 the Program on Negotiation (PON) hosted a virtual working conference on AI, technology, and negotiation. The PON Working Conference on AI, Technology, and Negotiation was designed to:


  • Convene scholars, teachers, and practitioners to share insights, experiences, tools, and their expectations for further developments.
  • Inform PON and its affiliates regarding opportunities for field research and development of computer-based apps and exercises for teaching.
  • Generate material for a special issue of the Negotiation Journal and foster on-going collaboration.


The conference was in the works for more than a year prior, but in the midst of the global pandemic, remote engagement has become all the more salient on many levels—in business, the marketplace, governance, education, and in our communities. In the field of negotiation, emerging technology holds the promise of promoting creative problem solving, but with it the possible risk of subverting privacy and amplifying inequities.

The PON Working Conference on AI, Technology, and Negotiation was co-chaired by Michael Wheeler, Professor Emeritus of Management Practice at Harvard Business School, and James Sebenius, Gordon Donaldson Professor of Business Administration at the Harvard Business School and Vice Chair for Practice-Focused Research of the Program on Negotiation Executive Committee.

To view videos from the conference, as well as session descriptions and speakers biographies, please click here to visit the PON Working Conference on AI, Technology, and Negotiation website.


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