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The act of trading across issues in a negotiation. Logrolling requires that a negotiator knows his or her own priorities, but also the priorities of the other side. If one side values something more than the other, they should be given it in exchange for reciprocity on issues that are a higher priority to their opponent. (Deepak Malhotra and Max Bazerman, Negotiation Genius [Bantam, 2007], 61). See Also: Specific versus Abstract Negotiation Skills Training.

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Strategies to Resolve Conflict over Deeply Held Values

Posted by Katie Shonk & filed under Conflict Resolution.

Some of our most heated negotiations and disputes concern our core values, including personal moral standards, religious and political beliefs, and our family’s welfare. Business partners sometimes clash over the ethical standards they expect each other to uphold. Parents might forbid their teenager from attending a party during the pandemic. Friends may feel bitterly divided … Read More 

Negotiation in the News: When “Mini-Deals” Are the Easy Way Out

Posted by PON Staff & filed under Dealmaking.

Donald Trump campaigned for president in 2016 as the consummate dealmaker, vowing to renegotiate a new nuclear deal with Iran, forge new trade deals with countries ranging from China to Mexico to Japan, and reach creative agreements with the U.S. Congress. Nearly three years into his presidency, few of these promises have come to fruition. … Read More 

Top 10 Notable Negotiations

Posted by PON Staff & filed under Negotiation Skills.

In 2017, all eyes were on Washington as a president with a reputation as a dealmaker entered the White House. The following negotiations from the past year, both inside and outside of politics, caught our eye due to the broader lessons they offer business negotiators. … Read More 

Got Issues? In Negotiation, the More, the Better

Posted by PON Staff & filed under Conflict Resolution.

No one expected Brexit negotiations to be simple. The talks, aimed at setting the terms of the United Kingdom’s departure from the European Union, got under way in mid-2017, with Michel Barnier representing the European Union (E.U.) and David Davis leading the U.K. delegation. Negotiators have two years to come to agreement. After a few months, the … Read More 

Resolving Conflicts Over Deeply Held Values

Posted by PON Staff & filed under Conflict Resolution.

Astronomers consider Mauna Kea, a dormant volcano that rises more than two miles above the Pacific Ocean on the island of Hawaii, to be the premier site in the world for viewing the night sky. Due to the volcano’s high altitude and tranquil, dark nights, NASA and groups of scientists from around the globe began … Read More 

Promoting Fair Outcomes in Negotiation

Posted by Katie Shonk & filed under Negotiation Skills.

So, you believe you’ve done everything you can do create value in your negotiation. You engaged in logrolling, making trades based on your and the other party’s different preferences on particular issues. You brainstormed new issues to add to the discussion, added a contingent contract, and proposed multiple offers simultaneously to identify which your counterpart … Read More 

Bet you didn’t know … New negotiation research

Posted by PON Staff & filed under Teaching Negotiation.

Negotiating in high alert Negotiation is often characterized as a physiologically arousing event marked by pounding hearts, queasy stomachs, and flushed faces. We might assume that heightened physiological arousal would mar our negotiation performance, but this is only true for some, researchers Ashley D. Brown and Jared R. Curhan of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology found … Read More 

Specific versus Abstract Negotiation Skills Training

Posted by PON Staff & filed under Negotiation Skills.

Researchers have argued that negotiators learn more from cases and real-world experiences when they can take away an abstract version of the lesson. Such abstractions come from analogies developed across two or more different negotiation contexts, say Leigh Thompson and Dedre Gentner of Northwestern University and Jeffrey Loewenstein of the University of Texas, who propose … Read More