Training Women to Be Leaders: Negotiating Skills for Success

Discover Proven Strategies and Techniques for Dealing with Gender Differences in Negotiation

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Gender disparities in negotiation have serious implications for organizations – resulting in pay and promotional inequalities, as well as costly employee turnover. Organizations that create an environment receptive to women who negotiate and encourage women to ask for what they want have a genuine competitive business advantage. In this free special report, Training Women to Be Leaders: Negotiating Skills for Success, negotiation experts offer advice on how organizations can encourage women to be more effective at the bargaining table. Throughout the report, you will discover what holds women back from asking for more, how women can overcome gender backlash, and how to deal with chauvinists.

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This free special report provides strategies on how women can be more effective at the bargaining table. You will discover how to:

– Avoid gender backlash

– Encourage women to negotiate

– Deal with chauvinists

In this valuable report, you’ll uncover proven strategies and techniques for dealing with gender differences in negotiation. To download your free report, simply click the button below.

The approaches outlined in this report highlight the importance of negotiation training, skills, and knowledge. You will learn how to:

Avoid backlash

To advance and succeed, women need to advocate for their own interests. Yet, when they do so, they often face a backlash. Learn techniques women can use to ask for what they need and avoid retaliation.

Encourage women to negotiate

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Because men are more likely to ask for opportunities and rewards, most rise more quickly within an organization than their female peers. But some of these men will be less qualified than some of the women left behind. Learn how to show women that negotiating for their own advancement can be  winning strategy for both them and your organization.

Deal with chauvinists

When dealing with a chauvinist, it’s tempting to take it personally. Yet, if you view this type of behavior as a problem for your organization and an opportunity to negotiate, you’ll be able to tackle the problem more productively.

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Guhan Subramanian
Chair, Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School
Joseph Flom Professor of Law and Business, Harvard Law School
Douglas Weaver Professor of Business Law, Harvard Business School

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