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Introducing a new way to go in-depth when teaching the most important negotiation concepts and to measure learning outcomes.

If you are new to teaching negotiation or are looking to go in-depth in teaching key concepts about multiparty negotiation, the Harborco All-In-One Curriculum Package will provide you with everything you need.

Harborco, one of the Teaching Negotiation Resource Center’s most popular simulations, is a six-party, multi-issue, scoreable negotiation involving a port developer, labor union, environmental coalition, other regional ports, governor’s office, and the federal department of coastal resources on whether to build a new deep-water port.

The Harborco All-In-One Curriculum Package includes an additional (optional) facilitator role instructors can use in all, or only some learning groups to illustrate how a facilitator can assist multiple negotiators dealing with complex issues, spoilers and pressures of time.

The Harborco All-In-One Curriculum Package makes it easy to teach multi-party negotiation and track learning outcomes. It includes background materials for the instructor as well as for students. The comprehensive instructor’s guide details how to run the exercise, the key negotiation concepts taught in the simulation, and includes possible assignments for students. It also includes pre- and post-negotiation surveys that can be used to track students’ understanding of the key concepts before and after the simulation. Pre-made class presentation slides are provided for instructors making it very easy to debrief the exercise results.

Materials include:

Instructor’s Guide – Guide for instructors reviewing multi-party negotiation concepts, simulation logistics, and a suggested structure for debriefing the results.

Instructor Background Reading List – List of background readings for instructors to complete before using the simulation to deepen their understanding of key multi-party negotiation concepts.

Student Background Reading List – List of background readings for students to complete before the simulation to enhance their understanding of multi-party negotiation.

Role Instructions – Confidential role-specific materials for each participant in the exercise.

Pre-Negotiation Surveys – After completing the background reading and/or presentation of the multi-party negotiation concepts, participants complete the pre-negotiation survey to benchmark their understanding of the key points the simulation is intended to teach.

Agreement Outcome Form – Participants use this to report any agreements reached during the simulation.

Post-Negotiation Survey – After finishing the simulation, but before the debrief, participants fill out the post-negotiation survey so instructors have immediate documentation of the group results.

Class PowerPoint Presentation – The first part of the PowerPoint slide deck is for the instructor to introduce multiparty negotiation concepts, explain how to participate in a negotiation simulation, and summarize the essential elements of the Harborco situation. The second part is for the instructor to use in debriefing the results with the participants.

Feedback Survey – At the conclusion of the exercise, participants can give feedback on their experience – both the process and the outcomes.


The Harborco All-In-One Curriculum Package provides everything you need to teach the foundational concepts of multi-party negotiation and gauge the learning outcomes from the standpoint of your students. The package costs $5 per copy (a copy is required for every student participating in the class).

Download a free preview copy of the Harborco All-In-One Curriculum Package to learn more.

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