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Negotiation Master Class Fall 2021 Program Guide

Michael Phillips   •  09/01/2021   •  Filed in Free Report

Harvard Negotiation Master Class Fall 2021

Over the years thousands of professionals have participated in negotiation programs at the Program on Negotiation (PON) at Harvard Law School. And after a few months or years of putting their negotiation skills and techniques to work, participants inevitably ask us, what’s next?

The Program on Negotiation is pleased to announce the Negotiation Master Class, … Read More 

Make the Most of Online Negotiations

PON Staff   •  09/14/2020   •  Filed in Free Report

We said goodbye to breakfast meetings, client lunches, and after-work happy hours. Goodbye to handshakes, fist bumps, and pats on the back. Goodbye to the boots-on-the-ground sales game as we knew it, and hello to Zoom calls and text messaging.

To make matters even more difficult, the economy started to trend downwards—and so did the … Read More 

Getting the Deal Done

PON Staff   •  02/07/2020   •  Filed in Free Report

Dear Business Professional, Simon’s story says a lot how to get deals done. Here’s how he tells it: For nearly a decade, I’ve been an acquisitions editor at one of the largest book publishers in the Northeast. It’s my job to skim through reams of manuscripts to identify those that might be commercially viable—and … Read More 

NEW FREE REPORT! Salary Negotiations

PON Staff   •  04/01/2016   •  Filed in Free Report

Discover how to refine your negotiation skills with this free special report, Negotiation Training: How Harvard Negotiation Exercises, Negotiation Cases and Good Negotiation Coaching Can Make You a Better Negotiator, from Harvard Law School. … Read More