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everyday negotiation

What is Everyday Negotiation?

Everyday negotiation situations can pose some of the most difficult negotiating dilemmas.

At work and at home, we face everyday negotiation situations all the time. In the workplace, negotiations with coworkers over issues such as project assignments, departmental funding, and vacation requests can sometimes flare into conflicts. At home, we haggle with service providers on the cost of repairing a leaky roof or designing a new website for our business.

Unfortunately, people tend to view common everyday negotiation moments as a competition between parties fighting over the biggest piece of a “fixed pie.” Even when negotiators prefer the same outcome, they tend to believe that the other side’s interests are opposed to their own. 

However, you should be able to find the same set of value-creation opportunities in disputes as you do in business deals. For example, try to capitalize on shared interests, or noncompetitive similarities.

Be aware, however, that in everyday negotiation situations where some amount of haggling is typically expected (imagine a long-term marketing contract), a buyer who drives a hard bargain on price could offend the service provider—and reduce their motivation and performance over the long run. For this reason, when it comes to examples of negotiation in everyday life, our negotiation skills and strategies should also include the ability to assess when not to negotiate. 

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