Remembering Ambassador Richard Holbrooke, a Great Negotiator

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In 2004, the Program on Negotiation selected Ambassador Richard Holbrooke as the recipient of its Great Negotiator Award. “He was an outstanding and entrepreneurial diplomat, and we are so sorry to learn of his sudden death,” said Professor Robert H. Mnookin, Chair of the Program on Negotiation. “During the day Richard Holbrooke spent with us, we were dazzled by his insights, intelligence, and expertise as a negotiator  who faced many challenging conflicts. He will long be remembered for what he achieved in Bosnia. This is a great loss.”

The Great Negotiator Award is given to recognize an individual whose lifetime achievements in the field of negotiation and dispute resolution have had a significant and lasting impact.

In addition to his current work as special envoy on Afghanistan-Pakistan policy, Ambassador Holbrooke was perhaps best known for his central role in helping broker the 1995 Dayton Agreement following the 1992-95 war in Bosnia, as well as his leading role in resolving the multinational dispute over U.S. dues owed in arrears to the United Nations.

Below are videos of Ambassador Holbrooke at the Great Negotiator Award presentation in 2004. To see more videos of Richard Holbrooke on the PON YouTube channel, click here.

For more information about Richard Holbrooke, click here.

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