Multiparty Negotiation wins IACM Outstanding Book Award

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Multiparty Negotiation by Lawrence Susskind and Larry Crump (2008) won the International Association for Conflict Management’s 2008-2009 Outstanding Book Award at the 23rd annual IACM Conference last week.

The IACM committee stated that:

– This book is one of the most ambitious set of readings in recent memory, along side the Druckman and Diehl volumes on Conflict Resolution.

– The collection is, no doubt, an invaluable resource for someone who wants easy access to the seminal articles that relate in some way to multiparty negotiations.

To read more about Mutliparty Negotiation or to purchase the 4-volume set, click here.

IACM was founded to encourage scholars and practitioners to develop and disseminate theory, research, and experience that is useful for understanding and improving conflict management in family, organizational, societal, and international settings. To learn more about IACM, click here.

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