Shades Israel Fellows Walk the Abraham Path Together

Learn how to navigate challenges like Shades on the Abraham Path

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Back on June 5, 2013, Shades Israeli and Palestinian fellows walked the Abraham Path in Israel’s Negev on a guided tour organized by PON Senior Fellow Shula Gilad, visiting Jewish and Arab villages on the route, learning about the Abrahamic tradition of the societies, their current challenges, and success.

As is the case for others who have walked the Abraham path, the fellows had a unique opportunity to walk and talk, learning about the history of the area from a tour guide and archaeologist Avner Goren. Shades fellows have been learning with each other since April 2013.

During the past two years, Gilad has been guiding the Shades grassroots initiative as it embarks on a pilot program to provide negotiation and leadership training jointly to young Israeli and Palestinian leaders and afford them the opportunity to meet and understand each other and the very complex nuances of conflicts.

Shades was founded by Lior Frankiensztajn, executive director, and Walid Issa. Shade’s pilot program began in April 2013 with 10 Israelis and 10 Palestinians, taught by Harvard scholars and affiliates, as well as international and local negotiators and community leaders. Shades fellows attended a week-long program in Belfast to learn about the Northern Ireland conflict, negotiation, and transformation process.

Shades’ vision is to create a network of emerging (22-33 years old) leaders, who are coming from a wide range of fields and disciplines and are very committed to improving their societies by playing constructive leadership roles.

The curriculum for Shades is drawn from the Program on Negotiation (PON) at Harvard Law School. A number of PON faculty affiliates, such as Alain Lempereur, Dan Shapiro, Eileen Babbitt, Susan Hackley, Josh Weiss, and Shula Gilad have either taught or are scheduled to teach in the near future.

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