Announcing the 2015 Winners of the PON Paper Prizes

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The Program on Negotiation has awarded Bruno Verdini the 2015 Howard Raiffa Doctoral Student Paper Award for his paper “Charting New Territories Together: Laying the Foundations for Mutual Gains in United States – Mexico Water and Energy Negotiations.” This paper was submitted as his dissertation for the Ph.D. program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Emily Cole Groden has been awarded the Roger Fisher and Frank E. A. Sander Prize for her paper “Decoding the Market’s Reaction to Settlement Announcements.” Emily is a 2015 JD at Harvard Law School.


About the prizes:

The Howard Raiffa Doctoral Student Paper Award

The annual prize of $1000 is awarded to a doctoral student author of the best research paper on a topic relating to negotiation, competitive decision making, dispute resolution, mediation, or ADR. This student must be enrolled at a PON-affiliated graduate or professional school, and while there may be co-authors of the paper, the student should be a lead author. This prize was established by PON in 2008 in honor of Professor Howard Raiffa, Frank Plumpton Ramsey Professor of Managerial Economics, Emeritus. Professor Raiffa was one of the founders of the Program on Negotiation.


The Roger Fisher and Frank E. A. Sander Prize

This prize was established in 2007 by the Program on Negotiation in honor of Professors Roger Fisher, the Williston Professor of Law, Emeritus, and Frank E. A. Sander, the Bussey Professor of Law, Emeritus, two founders of the Program on Negotiation and leaders in the field of negotiation and conflict management. This prize may be awarded annually to the best student paper on a topic related to negotiation, dispute systems design, mediation, dispute resolution, or ADR. Professional school students currently enrolled in a PON-affiliated degree-granting program at Harvard, MIT, Simmons, or the Fletcher School at Tufts are eligible for the prize.

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