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The Risks and Pitfalls of Stonewalling in Negotiations

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Contract negotiations between Jason Pierre-Paul and the New York Giants demonstrates the hazards of intentionally stonewalling your counterpart in negotiations. A successful defensive end with the Giants since 2010, Pierre-Paul was renegotiating his contract after a couple of mildly disappointing seasons. The Giants’ offer of a “franchise tag” designation did not sit well with Pierre-Paul, … Read More 

Negotiation and Leadership Fall 2019 Brochure

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It’s often said that great leaders are great negotiators. But how does one become an effective negotiator? On-the-job experience certainly plays a role, but for most executives, taking their negotiation skills to the next level requires outside training. … Read More 

Teach Your Students to Manage Two Party and Multiparty Negotiations

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Check Out Our Bestselling Two Party and Multiparty Negotiation Simulations More than just the increased number of parties at the table, there are key differences in how negotiators manage two party versus multiparty negotiations. Power disparities can be exacerbated in two party negotiations, however the opportunities for option generation can also be increased. The formation of … Read More 

Ask a Negotiation Expert: Debiasing Job Negotiations

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In many organizations, policies and systems perpetuate gender and racial discrimination and inequality, including higher pay for white men as compared to others for the same work. This month, Harvard Kennedy School professor Iris Bohnet, the author of What Works: Gender Equality by Design (Belknap Press, 2016), overviews steps professionals can take to promote wiser,more equitable … Read More 

Negotiation Interrupted

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From time to time, our negotiations are interrupted by an unexpected development from outside the talks, such as the death of a loved one, a serious injury or illness, or a bankruptcy. At times, a pause may be all that’s needed before talks can get back on track; in other instances, the change may have … Read More 

Negotiation in the News: The selfless QB? Tom Brady renegotiates with the Patriots

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After renegotiating his contract with the New England Patriots, star quarterback Tom Brady attracted almost as much admiration for his seemingly selfless concessions as he has for his stellar performance on the field. But a closer look at the restructured deal suggests that Brady, once again, looked for an advantageous opening and came out a … Read More