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the art of negotiation

What is the Art of Negotiation?

The art of negotiation helps us adapt to the sometimes chaotic nature of negotiations by supplementing our careful plans with creativity and flexibility.

Harvard Business School Professor Michael Wheeler literally wrote the book on the art of negotiation. Effective conflict management and adept improvisational negotiation skills are an asset to any business negotiator in the global economy and The Art of Negotiation: How to Improvise Agreement in a Chaotic World distills the negotiation research into techniques and skills businesses can implement immediately.

Even when armed with sound negotiation advice, we may still find ourselves struggling to cope with the surprises that pop up at the bargaining table. But the fact is, adaptability to ever-changing circumstances is essential for the “dynamic” negotiations one encounters in everyday life.

Because negotiation is an essential skill for your life and your career, the art of negotiation approach helps us view negotiation not only from the perspective of something that can be learned but also as something that can be honed through experience. Just as the greatest jazz musicians have mastered their ability to riff off of one another, so too must a negotiator master her ability to lead laterally while at the bargaining table.

This is a key lesson for anyone engaged in negotiation. Jazz musicians need to be great listeners. Yet there’s a widely held assumption in the business world that negotiation is mostly about talking and that the best negotiators are often the best conversationalists. That view overlooks perhaps the most crucial aspect of the negotiation process: listening.

You can learn more about the art of negotiation in this free special report, Business Negotiation Strategies: How to Negotiate Better Business Deals, from Harvard Law School.

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