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The Hidden Hazards of BATNA Development

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The following question was posed to Program on Negotiation faculty member and associate professor of business administration at Harvard Business School in the Negotiations, Organizations & Markets Unit, Francesca Gino and involves a negotiation example from real life from the world of business negotiations. … Read More 

Top Negotiation Case Studies in Business: Apple and Dispute Resolution in the Courts

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In August 2012, a California jury ruled that Samsung would have to pay Apple more than $1 billion in damages for patent violations of Apple products, particularly its iPhone. The judge eventually reduced the payout to $600 million. In November 2013, another jury ruled that Samsung would have to pay Apple $290 million of the … Read More 

When our “principles” crash up against our negotiation goals

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Martin’s Beach is a hidden gem on California’s Pacific coastline. Surrounded by cliffs, farmland, and a gated community, the beach can be accessed only through a gated road located on private land. Yet, for nearly a century, surfers, fishers, and others who prized the cove’s rugged and wild beauty have had access to the beach. … Read More 

Too eager to close?

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This past November, word got out that toy maker Hasbro was in advanced talks to purchase DreamWorks Animation. Purchasing an animated-film studio would move Hasbro CEO Brian Goldner closer to his goal of transforming the successful toy company into a global entertainment powerhouse, as the Lego Group has done in recent years, write Andrew Ross … Read More