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Program on Negotiation videos include footage of our Great Negotiator awards programs as well as case studies, lectures, seminars, and events that PON holds throughout the year. PON videos can be accessed on YouTube. See Also: Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School YouTube Channel.

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Download Your Next Mediation Video

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Use Video Examples to Teach Your Students to Become Better Mediators Parties engaged in disputes are often unable to reconcile their differences alone, or fail to reach outcomes that are adequate for everyone. Mediators can add a great deal of value by helping parties to efficiently and effectively examine the issues at hand, take the interests … Read More 

PON co-sponsors negotiation skills training for Israeli and Palestinian students

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Thanks to leadership from the Middle East Negotiation Initiative (MENI) of the Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School, a series of negotiation skills trainings was recently provided to eleventh grade students from Jewish and Arab schools in Israel.  These two-day workshops, co-sponsored by the Program on Negotiation and the Amal Network and funded by … Read More 

Video: Dr. William Ury Travels Abraham’s Path

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Dr. William Ury, Co-Founder of the Global Negotiation Initiative at the Program on Negotiation, has been a key leader in developing Abraham’s Path, a long distance walking trail that traces the footsteps of the ancient patriarch from Sanliurfa in south-east Turkey, through Syria, Jordan, Palestine and Israel.

Watch the video on Facebook: “Walking the Masar Ibrahim/Abraham’s … Read More 

Negotiation Video of Professor Lawrence Susskind Teaching Executive Education

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This negotiation video is a segment taken from PON’s “Negotiation Pedagogy Series, Part 2.” MIT Professor Lawrence Susskind uses the case “Teflex Products” to teach an Executive Education Seminar on how to deal with an angry public.

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Video of Professor Sebenius

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PON Professor James Sebenius answers these critical questions during an interview before last month’s Executive Education classes: Why is it so important for managers and business people to become skilled negotiators? Why is preparation and set up so important in negotiations? Why do you enjoy teaching students in Executive Education courses? To watch more PON Videos, click here. To watch … Read More 

PON Founders Video

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The founders of the Program on Negotiation describe the early days of the field of negotiation and conflict resolution, when scholars in law, business, psychology, anthropology, economics, and public policy came together to share insights on how to help people deal with conflict, solve problems, make deals, and preserve relationships.

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Video of Professor Mnookin’s Interview on PBS

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PON Chair, Professor Robert Mnookin was featured last night on the  PBS NewsHour. He discusses the art of doing difficult negotiations during tough economic times.

To learn more about Professor Mnookin’s recent book, “Bargaining with the Devil: When to Negotiate, When to Fight,” click here. To watch more PON videos, click here. … Read More