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Teaching Negotiation Online: Where Do We Start?

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Best Practices of Course Design and Delivery When Teaching Negotiation Online At the May, 2018 Teaching Negotiation Resource Center (TNRC) Faculty Seminar, Professors Lawrence Susskind and Michael Wheeler discussed the pedagogical implications of teaching negotiation online. In a follow-up to the December, 2017 TNRC Faculty Seminar on Gauging Effectiveness in Teaching Negotiation, Professor Susskind and Professor Wheeler  … Read More 

What Are Our Students Actually Learning? Gauging Effectiveness in Teaching Negotiation

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Ways of Gauging Effectiveness in Teaching Negotiation Most instructors aspire to do more than simply teach students about negotiation. They want to teach students how to negotiate more effectively. That’s an ambitious goal, given the complexity of the process. Negotiation success requires keen analysis and deft social skills, along with a mix of confidence and humility. … Read More