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How Negotiation Role-Play Simulations Can Help You Resolve Environmental Disputes

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From complicated land use debates to the regulation of pollutants, environmental negotiations are fraught with dynamic legal, scientific, and societal considerations. Because many of the natural resources in question are limited and fragile, disputes over them can be particularly difficult. To help educate professionals about how to work through challenging environmental and sustainability negotiations, the Program … Read More 

Dioxin – Waste to Energy Game

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Denise Madigan, Steve Foster, and Lawrence Susskind Six-party, multi-issue negotiation among four scientists, a city representative, and an environmentalist to develop the city’s solid waste management strategy; also known as: Dioxin: Resource Recovery. … Read More 

Is Your Possession Really Sacred?

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Adapted from “What’s It Worth to You?” by Max H. Bazerman, first published in the Negotiation newsletter. Imagine that a beloved aunt passes away and leaves you a 50-acre parcel of Colorado land. You have often visited the area, and though you never considered owning rural property, the fact that the land has been in your … Read More 

Resolving Environmental Regulatory Disputes

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Rules and regulations set by government agencies are meant to protect the environment, but they often impose hardships on the very companies and communities they are designed to protect. These groups then seek to minimize the losses through long and costly litigation. In this volume, professors Susskind, Bacow and Wheeler offer an alternative to expensive and … Read More 

Negotiations and Change From the Workplace to Society

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Managing change involves negotiation. Recognition of the interdependence between negotiations and change in the workplace and society has led to an explosion of research, writing and teaching on these topics. In 1965, Richard Walton and Robert McKersie laid the analytical foundation for much of this activity and innovation in negotiation practice with their landmark study, … Read More 

Radwaste II

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Tod Loofbourrow, Lawrence Susskind, Denise Madigan and Wendy Rundle Six-party, multi-issue negotiation among state and local government, enviromental, and industry representatives to select one of three sites for low-level radioactive waste disposal … Read More 

Radwaste I

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Tod Loofbourrow, Lawrence Susskind, Denise Madigan and Wendy Rundle Seven-party, multi-issue, scoreable negotiation among regulatory, environmental, tribal, local government, and industry representatives to choose criteria for selecting a low-level radioactive waste disposal site … Read More