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Video: Dr. William Ury Travels Abraham’s Path

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Dr. William Ury, Co-Founder of the Global Negotiation Initiative at the Program on Negotiation, has been a key leader in developing Abraham’s Path, a long distance walking trail that traces the footsteps of the ancient patriarch from Sanliurfa in south-east Turkey, through Syria, Jordan, Palestine and Israel.

Watch the video on Facebook: “Walking the Masar Ibrahim/Abraham’s … Read More 

Dr. Ury featured in Washington Post article on debt ceiling negotiations

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In a recent article published in the Washington Post, Dr. William Ury, co-founder of the Program on Negotiation, suggests that Republicans and Democrats hammering out a deal on the national debt ceiling could benefit from the experience of negotiators. Professional negotiators know that certain tactics can backfire in tense situations.  Issuing ultimatums, publicly criticizing your counterpart, … Read More