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Peace and Conflict Resolution with Difficult Partners

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When peace and conflict resolution are your goals, what should you do when your would-be counterpart doesn’t want to come to the negotiating table? U.S. president Donald Trump faces this question as he tries to determine the right path to take with North Korea. Tensions have ratcheted up lately as concerns mount that North Korea could … Read More 

Kissinger the Negotiator: Lessons from Dealmaking at the Highest Level

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In this groundbreaking, definitive guide to the art of negotiation, PON faculty James Sebenius and Robert Mnookin, along with R. Nicholas Burns of the Harvard Kennedy School, offer a comprehensive examination of one of the most successful dealmakers of all time: Henry Kissinger. … Read More 

Closing the Deal in Negotiations

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In dealmaking, we typically devote significant time to trying to convince a counterpart of the logic and appeal of our proposals. But sometimes our role becomes a more defensive one, as our negotiation behaviors focus on trying to dissuade others from pursuing a route that we believe could be disastrous. That was the task outgoing United … Read More 

For Paris Climate Accord, April 22 Marks Moment of Truth

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The global climate change accord talks are some of the most interesting negotiations to have taken place in the past year. This article examines the at-the-table issues the negotiators faced with China and other world leaders in attempting to forge a negotiated agreement on climate change. … Read More 

Modest Goals Gave Hope to Syria Peace talks

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In international negotiations and other complex multiparty negotiations, should you set ambitious goals right from the start or begin with more modest ones? Aiming high can lead to dramatic payoffs if you succeed, but the difficulty of orchestrating complicated international negotiations can increase the risk of impasse. By contrast, starting with more modest goals may suggest … Read More