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Spring Mediation and Conflict Management

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This course is designed to raise your awareness of your own approach to conflict, introduce a range of theories about mediation and participatory processes, and improve your conflict management skills. While we will discuss a wide range of dispute resolution processes that involve third parties, we will focus on mediation. Each class moves … Read More 

Sally Soprano: Role-Play Simulation

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Sally Soprano is a distinguished soprano who is now somewhat past her prime. She has not had a lead role in two years but would like to revive her career. The Lyric Opera has a production scheduled to open in three weeks, but its lead soprano has become unavailable. Lyric’s representative has requested a meeting … Read More 

Role Play Simulations to Help You Become a Better Mediator

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When opposing parties cannot come to a satisfactory resolution, a strong mediator can make all the difference. By effectively examining the issues at hand and helping parties identify creative solutions, a well-trained mediator builds consensus where there once was none. To help professionals learn the art of mediation, the Program on Negotiation’s Teaching Negotiation Resource Center … Read More 

Collective Bargaining at Central Division

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Lawrence Susskind, Charles Hecksher, and Elaine Landry Two-team, multi-issue collective bargaining contract negotiation between three union representatives and three management representatives for a telephone company; includes an internal team meeting before external negotiations … Read More 

Hydropower In Santales

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Jennie Hatch under the supervision of Lawrence Susskind Six-party, multi-issue negotiation focused on issues of public engagement in hydropower-based energy development … Read More 

Teach Your Students Negotiation Psychology

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The negotiation psychology of the parties at the table can contribute significantly to the likelihood of reaching an agreement. In Beyond Reason, world-renowned negotiator Roger Fisher and psychologist Daniel Shapiro advise “ignore emotions at your own peril. Emotions are always present and often affect your experience. You may try to ignore them, but they will not … Read More 

Saving the Last Dance

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Gary J. Friedman, Jack Himmelstein, and Robert H. Mnookin A mediation training video illustrating the non-caucus “Mediation through Understanding” model … Read More 

Negotiating with Family

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Legal Disputes Where Emotions Override Reason Negotiating with a colleague or client can be complicated, but negotiating with a family member can cause us to leave reason at the door. Negotiating with family, where emotions are heightened, can lead to a reluctance to compromise. This is especially true when it comes to legal disputes between family … Read More 

Termination Tempest

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Marjorie Corman Aaron Four-person, two-team settlement negotiation between a terminated employee and counsel, and the former employer and counsel, regarding possible settlement of an age discrimination lawsuit … Read More 

Negotiating Indigenous Land Rights

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Teach Your Students to Address Fundamental Value Differences While Negotiating Indigenous Land Rights Indigenous land rights have been a key aspect of negotiations by private companies and governments around the world. Indigenous land rights are the rights of indigenous peoples to land and natural resources, which they have occupied for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. … Read More 

MAPO – Administration Negotiation

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Mark Gordon, Elizabeth Gray, Tim Rieser, and Lynn Gerber Two-team, multi-issue collective bargaining negotiation between three police union representatives and three municipal representatives over police salaries, benefits, and working conditions … Read More 

Negotiate for what you need to succeed

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You may be adept at negotiating for your organization, but are you passing up career opportunities back at the office? One of the more interesting tidbits to emerge from the December 2014 leaks of hacked Sony Pictures data was an e-mail revealing a young actress’s efforts to be paid on the same level as her male … Read More 

Leaves Before the Fall

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James K.L. Lawrence Lawyers negotiate terms of an employer/employee dispute. The primary characteristic of the Leaves Before the Fall simulation is that the facts set out in each representative’s “confidential instructions” are the same – identical in every respect. … Read More 

In negotiation, it’s all in the timing

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On July 11, 2000, U.S. president Bill Clinton welcomed Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak and Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat to a summit at Camp David aimed at resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict once and for all. The summit covered various contentious issues, including territory, settlements, security, and the status of refugees. After about two weeks, on … Read More 

GE International Contract

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Duncan MacLaren; adapted from The Tendley Contract Two-party potentially integrative contract negotiation between representatives of a large corporation and a consulting firm over very different expectations of the cost of services … Read More 

Negotiating the Fiscal Crisis

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How can we avert a full-throttle drive over the fiscal cliff? Despite some promising signs of movement on both sides of the aisle, the current negotiation approach – positional bargaining – is bound to bring us dangerously close to the edge. … Read More 

Fresh Air

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Candace Modlin and Robert C. Bordone Two-party or two-team, multi-issue, integrative/distributive negotiation between representatives of a new low-cost airline and a potential headquarters city over an incentives package and airport facilities … Read More 

The Role of Urban Planners in Negotiations: Case Study of Israeli-Palestinian Negotiations

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Can urban planning tools help negotiators develop creative solutions to complex disputes?  Karen Lee Bar-Sinai, Loeb Fellow at Harvard Graduate School of Design (GSD), recently explored this topic in a talk entitled “The Role of Urban Planners in Negotiations: Case Study of Israeli-Palestinian Negotiations.” The first in a series of seminars co-sponsored by the Middle … Read More 

Discount Marketplace and Hawkins Development

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Lawrence Bacow Two-party negotiation between a shopping center developer and a prospective anchor tenant over the terms of the proposed lease’s “use, assignment, and subletting” clause … Read More 

Water Diplomacy: The Role of Science in Water Diplomacy

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Scientific and technical knowledge is important in water negotiations, but not in the ways it has often been used. It is counterproductive to use scientific information to justify arbitrary (political) decisions. For example, scientific information about water has increased dramatically over the last several decades, but our ability to manage water resources has not improved … Read More 

Dirty Laundry

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Pat Aaron Three-person mediated small-claims dispute between a dry cleaning business and a customer over compensation for torn shirts … Read More 

Successful negotiation strategies lead to bright future for 2011 Stanley Cup Champion Boston Bruins

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As Zdeno Chara, the captain of the Boston Bruins, hoisted the Stanley Cup at the conclusion of the 2011 Stanley Cup playoffs, fans could celebrate with abandon, secure in the knowledge that their star defenseman will be wearing black and gold through the 2017-2018 season. Without the last minute contract extension signed days before … Read More 

Colortek Job

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Deborah Kolb Two-party, multi-issue integrative negotiation between a corporate VP and a prospective employee over salary and other terms of hire … Read More 

Job termination and age discrimination

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The Clearinghouse at PON offers hundreds of role simulations, from two-party, single-issue negotiations to complex multi-party exercises. Termination Tempest is a four-person, two-team settlement negotiation between a terminated employee and counsel, and the former employer and counsel, regarding possible settlement of an age discrimination lawsuit. Overview: Pat Thibideau had worked at Kane Restaurant Supply … Read More 

Carter Estate Problem, The

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Mark Drooks, Andrew Tavel, Kenneth Hyatt, Mark Gordon, and Bruce Patton Two-party, multi-issue integrative negotiation between brothers over the settlement of their father’s estate … Read More 

Dealing with choice overload

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When it comes to offering and considering choices in a negotiation, the more the better, right? In fact, the presence of too many options may actually hamper people from coming to any agreement. A study from the decision-making realm supports this conclusion. Draeger’s Market in Menlo Park, Calif., is renowned for its wide selection of gourmet … Read More 

Cape Development Case

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Two-party real estate negotiation between a developer and a representative of the owner of a parcel surrounded by the developer’s land, over the future of both parcels … Read More