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Negotiating About Pandas for San Diego Zoo

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Stephen Weiss and Sarah Tatrallyay This case study centers on the most challenging task for a negotiator: to reach a satisfactory agreement with a tough counterpart from a position of low power—and to do so in an uncommon context. The case concerns the executive director of a zoo in the U.S. who seeks two giant pandas, … Read More 

Hans Brandt

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Jeswald W. Salacuse, Program on Negotiation (2003) Hans Brandt is a short film which presents a dramatized problem for use in courses on negotiation, conflict resolution, management, or leadership. The brevity of the film and the richness of the teaching notes make the film highly adaptable for use in a variety of classroom settings. … Read More 

Robyn & Luis

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Jeswald W. Salacuse A short dramatized problem regarding a dispute between two corporate officers over the best way to improve company profitability … Read More