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10 Notable Negotiations of 2018

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President Trump has dominated current negotiations in the news with a bevy of deals and withdrawals from existing agreements, but business negotiations and trends also made 2018 a memorable year. Here’s our list of 10 notable negotiations of 2018… … Read More 

Negotiating seamless leadership transitions

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Travis Kalanick, until recently the CEO of ride-hailing service Uber, helped grow the company from the seed of an idea in 2009 into a global firm valued at nearly $70 billion. He cemented his power by becoming Uber’s single biggest shareholder, negotiating for a seat on Uber’s board, and filling other board seats with his supporters. … Read More 

Bringing Congress back to the negotiating table

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“I’ve always had a Republican partner, every time,” says former Democratic senator Chris Dodd, speaking of his legislative victories during his 30 years of service. Members of Congress do not always need bipartisan support to push through their legislative agendas, yet some of the most significant initiatives passed by the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives … Read More