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What to Do When Your BATNA is Not Good Enough

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The following question was featured in the “Ask the Negotiation Coach” section of the Negotiation Briefings newsletter, April 2010 issue. Question: What should I do when a negotiation seems to be all about price, I have no BATNA, and the other side knows it? … Read More 

Third Side (The) Why We Fight and How We Can Stop

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Also published as Getting to Peace: Transforming Conflict at Home, at Work, and in the World (New York: Viking, 1999) (hardcover) Conflict rages everywhere: at home, at work, in schools, and on the world stage. William Ury presents a new approach for dealing with human conflict based on two decades of research and new anthropological evidence. … Read More 

Must We Fight? From the Battlefield to the Schoolyard – A New Perspective on Violent Conflict and Its Prevention

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In this book, William Ury (director of the Global Negotiations Initiative at the Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School) and a panel of experts from several scientific disciplines challenge the commonly held notion that violence is “human nature.” Must We Fight? presents new research and insights into human nature which demonstrate that humankind is … Read More