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Audrey Lee

Audrey Lee is a Senior Mediator at Boston Law Collaborative, LLC and a Founding Principal of Perspectiva, LLC. She is also Executive Director of the BLC Institute, a non-profit dedicated to providing education and training in all aspects of dispute resolution. Audrey mediates cases for the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the MA Commission Against Discrimination, and teaches mediation, negotiation and conflict management workshops for a variety of corporate and public sector clients.

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Advanced Mediation Workshop: Mediating Complex Disputes – Now Live and Online

Posted by PON Staff & filed under Mediation at PON - Online.

You’ve handled numerous mediation sessions with ease. You are confident in your mediation skills, especially between two parties who want a fair resolution. But how do the dynamics change when their lawyers join the session? What happens when the mediation expands to multiple parties who are bringing many issues to the table? Mediators are very … Read More