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American Bar Association Section of Dispute Resolution

With nearly 19,000 members, the Section is the world

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David A. Hoffman

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David Hoffman

A renowned mediator, arbitrator, and attorney, David Hoffman is a lecturer on law at Harvard Law School, where he teaches courses on mediation and collaborative law. He also serves on the faculty of the Program on Negotiation’s Harvard Negotiation Institute, where he teaches the Advanced Mediation Workshop “Mediating Complex Disputes.”

David Hoffman

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David Hoffman teaches the Mediation course at Harvard Law School, and has served as a guest lecturer in a variety of PON programs.  He is a mediator, arbitrator, and attorney at Boston Law Collaborative, LLC, which he founded in 2003.  BLC was the recipient in 2009 of the American Bar Association’s annual Lawyer as

2010 PON Online Internship Fair (February 25-March 11, 2010)

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2010 PON Online Internship Fair
The 6th Annual Program on Negotiation Internship Fair took place from February 25-March 11, 2010. This year, rather than having a fair on campus, we had a “virtual” internship fair with all of the opportunities posted here on our website from February 25th through March 11th, 2010. We hope that this