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The process of taking and working for a particular side’s interests in a conflict. Lawyers engage in advocacy when they represent a client in a legal proceeding. Disputants can also engage in advocacy themselves–arguing for their own position in negotiation, mediation, or a political debate. Any attempt to persuade another side to agree to your demands is advocacy.

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Reservation Point in Negotiation: Reach Negotiated Agreements by Asking the Right Questions

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A reservation point negotiation is a bargaining scenario in which each side is trying to reconcile the other’s highest offer and the other’s lowest price. This negotiation example can apply to many other bargaining situations and demonstrates the value of open communication with your counterpart at the negotiation table. … Read More 

Job Negotiation, The

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Jennie Hatch & Kessely Hong A three-party employment negotiation involving a mid-career student negotiating two job offers via email at the same time. … Read More 

What is Divorce Mediation?

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A divorce can take years—and cost a small fortune—to resolve. The task of negotiating child and spousal support, dividing property and other possessions, and establishing child-custody arrangements can be overwhelming, especially when the principals are barely speaking to each other. In the worst-case scenario, separating spouses hire cutthroat lawyers to make rigid (and sometimes outrageous) … Read More 

A Green Victory Against Great Odds, But Was It Too Little Too Late?

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Gina Coplon-Newfield This case study provides an intimate view into the fierce battle among major US nonprofit environmental groups, Members of Congress, and industry over energy policy in 2007. The resulting law slashed pollution by raising car efficiency regulations for the first time in three decades. For negotiators and advocates, this case provides important lessons about … Read More 

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Training: Mediation Curriculum

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In 2009, we collected many types of curriculum materials from teachers and trainers who attended the Mediation Pedagogy Conference. We received general materials about classes on Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) as well as highly specific and idiosyncratic units like Conflict Resolution through Literature: Romeo and Juliet and a negotiating training package for female managers … Read More 

In the Interest of Children Advocacy, Law Reform, and Public Policy

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Is litigation a sensible way to improve policies affecting children and youth? The Supreme Court has declared that “neither the Fourteenth Amendment nor the Bill of Rights is for adults alone,” and since the landmark desegregation decision in Brown v. Board of Education, advocates have increasingly used “test-case” litigation not simply to enforce an individual’s … Read More 

Everyday Negotiation Navigating the Hidden Agendas in Bargaining

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Originally titled The Shadow Negotiation — and named by Harvard Business Review as one of the Ten Best Books of the Year — this best-selling book illustrates effective ways to master the hidden agendas that determine bargaining success. Everyday Negotiation provides insight into ways of recognizing the shadow negotiation — where unspoken attitudes, hidden assumptions, and … Read More 

5 Good Negotiation Techniques

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You’ve mastered the basics of good negotiation techniques: you prepare thoroughly, take time to build rapport, make the first offer when you have a strong sense of the bargaining range, and search for wise tradeoffs across issues to create value. Now, it’s time to absorb five lesser-known but similarly effective negotiation topics and techniques that … Read More 

Springfield OutFest

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Kate Harvey and David Kovick, under the supervision of Lawrence Susskind and Jennifer Brown This is a six-person, non-scorable negotiation simulation focused on mediating values-based legal disputes, specifically disputes involving conflicting views and values regarding homosexuality and religious faith. … Read More 

Mediation: Negotiating a More Satisfactory Divorce

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We’ve all heard nightmarish stories of divorce battles that take years—and cost a small fortune—to resolve. The task of negotiating child and spousal support, dividing property and other possessions, and establishing child-custody arrangements can be daunting, especially when the principals are barely speaking to each other. In the worst-case scenario, bitter spouses hire cutthroat lawyers … Read More 

Beyond slingshots: Better tools for negotiating with Goliaths

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When Alexandra Elbakyan was growing up in Kazakhstan, books, music, and movies were expensive. To access them, she learned how to pirate intellectual property and eventually came to believe that it should be available to all. After enrolling in graduate school in Russia, Elbakyan began pirating journal articles for herself and other researchers who couldn’t afford … Read More 

Negotiation Scenario: Hammering out Local Strategies for Managing Climate-related Public Health Risks

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Climate change is already causing increased temperatures, more intense storms, and rising sea levels in many parts of the world. The threats, particularly the impacts on human health, are daunting. Despite uncertainties about the timing and severity of the impacts of climate change in each location, this simulation asserts that cities and towns must take … Read More 

Negotiation in the News: In a new role, Hollywood actresses fight for equitable pay

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In December 2014, leaks of data hacked from Sony Pictures revealed pay inequities between men and women, both actors and studio executives. The revelations drew attention in Hollywood and beyond about the lingering salary gap between men and women. In particular, the news that American Hustle stars Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Adams were paid less … Read More 

The Negotiation Simulation Method: Teach Legal Lessons by Immersive Means

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In complex legal negotiations, money, reputations, and sometimes even lives are often at stake. Legal professionals must know how to read and debate the law as well as fully embrace the art and science of negotiation. To help attorneys and other legal professionals become well versed in law and court-based negotiation, the Program on Negotiation’s Teaching … Read More 

Dear Negotiation Coach: When Silence is Golden

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Question: I have the sense that silence can sometimes be useful, but it usually just makes me feel uncomfortable. Does silence have benefits in negotiation? A: In Western cultures, many people are uncomfortable with silence. We tend to talk on top of one another, with little pause between point and counterpoint. Any silence that occurs often feels … Read More 

Harvard Negotiation Law Review Symposium: “Restorative Justice: Theory Meets Application”

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PON is pleased to co-sponsor the 2015 Harvard Negotiation Law Review symposium: Restorative Justice: Theory Meets Application Saturday, February 28, 2015 9:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Austin Hall, Harvard Law School Campus Free and open to the public. Registration is highly recommended.   The goal of the Symposium is to promote an exciting discussion about the potential to leverage ADR practices and frameworks in restorative justice initiatives, … Read More 

Conflict Management – What You Need to Know Before You Click “Like”

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A new conflict-management policy from General Mills, the food company behind products such as Cheerios, Bisquick, and Betty Crocker, may lead it to lose some friends on social media. The manufacturer recently added language to its website alerting consumers that they relinquish their right to sue the company simply by downloading coupons, “liking” General Mills on … Read More 

Negotiations by Other Means: Track II, Unilateral Action, Robust Third Party Role and Islands of Coordination in the New Middle East

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As direct Israeli-Palestinian negotiations appear to have ground to an indefinite halt, attention has shifted to other, less conventional methods for achieving mutually desirable outcomes for the two peoples. Tonight’s panelists will discuss the potential of alternatives including Track II diplomacy, isolated areas of coordination, a pro-active role of the third party and even … Read More 

Announcing the 2011 PON Summer Fellows

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About the PON Summer Fellowship Program: PON offers fellowship grants to students at Harvard University, MIT, Tufts University and other Boston-area schools who are doing internships or undertaking summer research projects in negotiation and dispute resolution in partnership with public, non-profit or academic organizations. The Summer Fellowship Program’s emphasis is on advancing the links between … Read More 

A more cooperative divorce

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Adapted from “Negotiating a More Civil Divorce,” first published in the Negotiation newsletter. In the United States, lawyers who recognize the benefits of collaborative negotiation are sometimes stymied by vengeful clients and ruthless opposing counsel.  Many attorneys put up with a contentious settlement process in which litigation is a threat. Yet some U.S. lawyers have begun … Read More