Course Planning Tool

This advanced search tool is designed to help you find what you are looking for here in the Teaching Negotiation Resource Center. Use the tabs at the top to search through All Resources, Role-Play Simulations, or Case Studies/Discussion Exercises/Videos & DVDs.

Using the All Resources tab, you must still select which Resource Types you are interested in. You may then narrow down by Topic. You may also search by Author, Title, and/or Description.

The Role-Play Simulations tab allows you to narrow down your search by Simulation Attributes, including the time required, number of participants, and whether or not there is a neutral facilitator or mediator present. You may also search by Topic, Author, Title, and/or Description using this tab.

The Case Studies/Discussion Exercises/Videos & DVDsOther tab also allows you to restrict your search by Attributes, Topic, Author, Title, and/or Description.


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