value creation

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The result of cooperative problem-solving skills in a negotiation that uncover joint gains for both parties. Value creation is an aspect of "win-win" or "non-zero-sum" negotiation, in which both parties benefit from the agreement. (David A. Lax and James K. Sebenius, 3-D Negotiation [Harvard Business School Press, 2006], 17). See Also: Negotiation Skills: Four Steps for Changing Negotiation Practices in Your Organization, When Lose-Lose Wins, Conflict Management – Anger, the Good and the Bad.

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Role Simulations

Role Simulation
Community Dispute Negotiation Role-Play:

Billboards in Wyethville

Kelly Davenport and Lawrence Susskind
Six-party negotiation among business, municipal, and environmental representatives regarding a potential ban on billboard advertising
Role Simulation
Cross-Cultural Negotiation Role-Play:

Canada-China Panda Acquisition Negotiation

Stephen Weiss
Two-team (6 person), multi-issue contract negotiation between Canadian zoo CEOs and representatives of Chinese organization responsible for giant panda loans
Role Simulation
Law / Courts Negotiation Role-Play:

Super Slipster

Matt Smith under the supervision of Robert C. Bordone, with revisions by Michael Moffitt
Two-party personal injury settlement negotiation between the attorney for the injured plaintiff and general counsel for the defendant toy manufacturing company
Role Simulation
Business and Commercial Dispute Negotiation Role-Play:

Theotis Wiley

Jake Erhard, under the supervision of Robert Bordone
Two-party integrative negotiation between agents for a basketball player and a shoe manufacturer over a possible sneaker endorsement deal
Role Simulation
Law / Courts Negotiation Role-Play:

United States v. Dunlop

Dan Vogel, under the supervision of Robert Bordone
Four-person, three-issue, two-round between U.S. prosecutors, an executive charged with securities fraud, and defense counsel over the terms of a possible plea bargain; attorney-client interviews are followed by a plea bargain negotiation
Role Simulation
International Relations Negotiation Role-Play:

World Trade Center Redevelopment Negotiation

Lawrence Susskind, Katherine Harvey, David Kovick, F. Peter Phillips, Marc Wolinsky, Cathy Cronin Harris, and Simeon Baum
Six-person facilitated negotiation among representatives of the city, state, developer, insurer, and victims' families regarding the redevelopment of the World Trade Center site following the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks


Winner, National Institute for Advanced Conflict Resolution's 2005 Book Award - A cutting-edge, comprehensive, inter-disciplinary resource regarding the nature of disputes and the range of dispute resolution processes

Shafiqul Islam and Lawrence E. Susskind

In this book, the authors show how open and constantly changing water networks can be managed successfully using collaborative adaptive techniques to build informed agreements among disciplinary experts, water users with conflicting interests, and governmental bodies with countervailing claims.