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Role Simulations

Role Simulation
Business and Commercial Dispute Negotiation Role-Play:

Aerospace InvestmentBalancing Venture and Relationship Capital

Nicholas Sabin
Two-party term sheet negotiation between a venture capitalist and the founder of an aerospace start-up company in which participants are scored both on their substantive performance and on the other party's perception of the relationship
Role Simulation
Mediation Role-Play:

Broken Benches

Author(s): Marjorie Corman Aaron and JAMS/Endispute
Four-person mediation and/or arbitration of a personal injury claim, among plaintiff, plaintiff's lawyer, and counsel for defendant's insurance company; arbitrator roles include possible plaintiff or defense bias
Role Simulation
Media / Communications Negotiation Role-Play:

Camilia Pictures

Robyn Cali and Robert C. Bordone
Two-party, multi-issue, potentially integrative settlement negotiation between lawyers for a large entertainment conglomerate and its wholly-owned film production company over the rights to a new documentary film and the clients' future relationship
Role Simulation
Cross-Cultural Negotiation Role-Play:

Canada-China Panda Acquisition Negotiation

Stephen Weiss
Two-team (6 person), multi-issue contract negotiation between Canadian zoo CEOs and representatives of Chinese organization responsible for giant panda loans
Role Simulation
Community Dispute Negotiation Role-Play:

Changing Times for the Senior Center in Redwood Hills

Connie Ozawa
Multi-party, multi-issue facilitated negotiation for five or six players representing civic and business leaders and owner of a senior center regarding the expansion of other groups' use of the center
Role Simulation
International Relations Negotiation Role-Play:

Marsh County Case

John Perryman
A set of four simultaneous and potentially interactive multi-party negotiations among locally elected officials, industry representatives, and community leaders regarding a range of economic, educational, environmental, and social issues
Role Simulation
Law / Courts Negotiation Role-Play:

Super Slipster

Matt Smith under the supervision of Robert C. Bordone, with revisions by Michael Moffitt
Two-party personal injury settlement negotiation between the attorney for the injured plaintiff and general counsel for the defendant toy manufacturing company
Role Simulation
Business and Commercial Dispute Negotiation Role-Play:

Technology Equipment Partners

Tracey Brenner, under the supervision of Lawrence Susskind
Two-team, six-party, four-issue negotiation between representatives of two corporations setting up a simultaneous high-tech joint venture and purchasing agreement
Role Simulation
Business and Commercial Dispute Negotiation Role-Play:

Theotis Wiley

Jake Erhard, under the supervision of Robert Bordone
Two-party integrative negotiation between agents for a basketball player and a shoe manufacturer over a possible sneaker endorsement deal