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Role Simulations

Role Simulation
Cross-Cultural Negotiation Role-Play:

Big Pipeline in Swagwit

Kelly Davenport, Pat Field and Lawrence Susskind
Two-party, two-issue integrative negotiation between representatives of a construction company and a Native American group regarding allocation of construction jobs
Role Simulation
John Forester
Two-party, three-issue, scoreable negotiation between a developer and a city planner over the design, process, and affordability of a proposed housing development
Role Simulation
Education Negotiation Role-Play:

Student Paper

Bruce Patton
Simple two-party awareness-building negotiation between a student and a professor regarding an assignment submitted after the deadline
Role Simulation
Organizational Development / Change Negotiation Role-Play:

Trademore Personnel

Lawrence Susskind and Bruce Patton
Three-person, integrative, facilitated negotiation with two department heads and a Human Resources observer/facilitator regarding the possible transfer of an employee from one department to the other

Case Studies & Articles

Stephen Weiss and Sarah Tatrallyay

This case study centers on the most challenging task for a negotiator: to reach a satisfactory agreement with a tough counterpart from a position of low power—and to do so in an uncommon context. The case concerns the executive director of a zoo in the U.S. who seeks two giant pandas, an endangered species, from their only source on the planet: China.

The Great Negotiator Collection

Video and Audio

Videos and Audio

The Program on Negotiation

An unscripted video showing two different pairs of real estate professionals negotiating the terms of a commercial lease