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Role Simulations

Role Simulation
Corporate Decision-Making Negotiation Role-Play:

Ad Sales, Inc.

Lawrence Susskind
Six-party, multi-issue contract negotiation between management and union members of a publishing firm
Role Simulation
Cross-Cultural Negotiation Role-Play:

Big Pipeline in Swagwit

Kelly Davenport, Pat Field and Lawrence Susskind
Two-party, two-issue integrative negotiation between representatives of a construction company and a Native American group regarding allocation of construction jobs
Role Simulation
International Relations Negotiation Role-Play:

Collective Bargaining at Central Division

Lawrence Susskind, Charles Hecksher, and Elaine Landry
Two-team, multi-issue collective bargaining contract negotiation between three union representatives and three management representatives for a telephone company; includes an internal team meeting before external negotiations
Role Simulation
Health / Medicine / Pharmaceutical Negotiation Role-Play:

Drug Testing in the Workplace

Joel Cutcher-Gershenfeld and Roger Winthrop
Three-person employment mediation between a truck driver and his company's personnel director, mediated by an Employee Assistance Program representative, regarding a positive drug test; a four-person version also includes a union representative
Role Simulation
Environment and Sustainability Negotiation Role-Play:

East Falls Brownfields

Tracy Dyke, under the direction of Lawrence Susskind and Susan Podziba
Seven-person, non-scoreable, facilitated negotiation among planners, regulators and activists regarding the cleanup and redevelopment of environmentally contaminated property
Role Simulation
Family Negotiation Role-Play:

George and Martha

Two-party integrative negotiation between representatives for a divorcing couple over the amount of child support payments
Role Simulation
International Relations Negotiation Role-Play:

Hitana Bay Development Simulation

International Programme for the Management of Sustainability, with Lawrence Susskind
Ten-party, multi-issue negotiation among government, development, industry, labor, and preservation interests over port improvements, real-estate development, and environmental protection in a Caribbean island harbor expansion
Role Simulation
Science-Intensive Policy Disputes Negotiation Role-Play:

Long RiverConfronting the Challenges of Instream Flow

Catherine Ashcraft and Larry Susskind
A six-party, seven-person (including the mediator), multi-issue mediation among representatives of governmental, business, environmental, recreational, and tribal interests regarding a dispute over developing an instream flow action plan
Role Simulation
Mieke van der Wansem, Tracy Dyke and Lawrence Susskind
Thirteen-person, multi-issue, two-round, partially scoreable negotiation among government, industry, environmental, and farming stakeholders to develop a land-use plan (Part I) and among additional government stakeholders over plan approval (Part II)
Role Simulation
Business and Commercial Dispute Negotiation Role-Play:

Technology Equipment Partners

Tracey Brenner, under the supervision of Lawrence Susskind
Two-team, six-party, four-issue negotiation between representatives of two corporations setting up a simultaneous high-tech joint venture and purchasing agreement
Role Simulation
Health / Medicine / Pharmaceutical Negotiation Role-Play:

Teflex Products

Lawrence Susskind and James Lawrence
Five-party, multi-issue negotiation among representatives of a pharmaceutical company, a medical drug manufacturer, and three consumer organizations over the delayed release of a new drug
Role Simulation
Business and Commercial Dispute Negotiation Role-Play:

Tendley Contract

Two-party integrative contract negotiation between a computer consultant and a school district representative at an apparent impasse over different expectations over cost of services
Role Simulation
Business and Commercial Dispute Negotiation Role-Play:

What To Do With Hexiglass?

Beth Doherty and Hal Movius
3-player, non-scoreable game designed to teach the benefits of managing communication and trust in the context of a technology negotiation.



Lawrence Susskind & Patrick Field

Winner of the 1996 CPR Award for Excellence in ADR (Outstanding Book Category)

Video and Audio

Videos and Audio

Lawrence Susskind and Melissa Manwaring

An unscripted video showing an experienced negotiation professor teaching an executive education session through the running and debriefing of the Teflex Products role simulation, interspersed with instructor commentary