conflict resolution steps

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The steps necessary to begin to successfully resolve a conflict.

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Role Simulations

Role Simulation
Imam Soliman under the direction of David Fairman
The Athens-Melos Role Play is a simulation from the Workable Peace Curriculum Series unit on Ancient Greece and the Peloponnesian War.
Role Simulation
Melissa Manwaring, under the direction of David Fairman and Stacie Nicole Smith
Six-party, multi-issue negotiation among governmental, organizational, and family stakeholders regarding the implementation of court-ordered racial integration measures in Boston public schools and possible improvements in education and community relations
Role Simulation
Rose Foley, under the direction of David Fairman and Laura Keane
Five-party, multi-issue, EU-mediated negotiation between representatives of Catholic and Protestant groups regarding a Protestant marching route through Catholic neighborhoods
Role Simulation
Orion Kriegman and Stacie Nicole Smith, under the direction of Stacie Nicole Smith and David Fairman
Six-person mediated negotiation among representatives of the Pullman Palace Car Company, its workers and others involved in a general strike, to address issues of workers' rights