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Bias is an inclination of temperaments or outlook to present or hold a partial perspective at the expense of (possibly equally valid) alternatives in reference to objects, people, or groups. Anything biased generally is one-sided and therefore lacks a neutral point of view. Bias can come in many forms and is often considered to be synonymous with prejudice or bigotry.

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Blind Spots examines the ways we overestimate our ability to do what is right and how we act unethically without meaning to. This book suggests innovative individual and group tactics for improving human judgment.
An exploration of why political and organizational leaders so often miss or ignore impending disasters, despite having all of the evidence necessary to anticipate them, and what they can do to prevent them

Role Simulations

Role Simulation
Mediation Role-Play:

Broken Benches

Author(s): Marjorie Corman Aaron and JAMS/Endispute
Four-person mediation and/or arbitration of a personal injury claim, among plaintiff, plaintiff's lawyer, and counsel for defendant's insurance company; arbitrator roles include possible plaintiff or defense bias
Role Simulation
Corporate Decision-Making Negotiation Role-Play:

Leaves Before the Fall

James K.L. Lawrence
Lawyers negotiate terms of an employer/employee dispute. The primary characteristic of the Leaves Before the Fall simulation is that the facts set out in each representative’s “confidential instructions” are the same – identical in every respect.
Role Simulation
Consumer Dispute Negotiation Role-Play:

Rosenberg v. Lincoln Landscaping

Pat Aaron
Three-person small claims mediation between a landscaping company and its client over a disputed bill and quality of service
Role Simulation
Community Dispute Negotiation Role-Play:

WestvilleMediation Strategies in Community Planning

John Forester and David Stitzel
Three-person, three-issue, integrative, scoreable mediation among representatives of a homelessness task force and a neighborhood group, mediated by a planning department representative, over the terms of a proposed homeless shelter in their suburban town

Video and Audio

Videos and Audio

Carri Hulet (producer), under the supervision of Lawrence Susskind

Highlights of dialogue from a two-day workshop on deliberative democracy and dispute resolution approaches to civic engagement

Case Studies & Articles

Stephen Weiss and Sarah Tatrallyay

This case study centers on the most challenging task for a negotiator: to reach a satisfactory agreement with a tough counterpart from a position of low power—and to do so in an uncommon context. The case concerns the executive director of a zoo in the U.S. who seeks two giant pandas, an endangered species, from their only source on the planet: China.