Planning for Intervention International Cooperation in Conflict Management

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This volume offers a radical and original strategy to change the way the problem of intervention into internal state conflicts is handled by the world community of nations. Planning for intervention examines both the failures and successes of intervention by the international community into the internal conflicts that are plaguing the post cold war world. It examines the legal framework and the bureaucratic and political realities that govern intervention and helps to explain why performance has been so uneven.

The strategy offered by the authors operates within the parameters of legal and political limits to improve effectiveness by increasing international cooperation. Although radical and original in the context of international intervention, it has strong precedents in both industry and in actual conflict resolution. It involves a move to decentralization of operations to the field, permitting those on the scene to exercise far greater responsibility than is now the case. It details models of success, and argues that effective decentralization can be institutionalized.

For this proposed strategy to be effective, responsible leadership of international organizations and their member states requires reassurance. This reassurance can be provided by a process of systematic and joint planning for intervention performed at the highest level as well as by careful training within civilian agencies that deal with diplomacy or humanitarian services.

All of the arguments and strategies developed by the authors are supported by rich examples developed from case studies of how to effectively accomplish their goal of mitigating the outbreaks of violent conflicts through improved international cooperation in intervention. This groundbreaking work is essential reading for all those in governmental agencies, international organizations, and policy making positions as well as scholars and practitioners concerned with issues of international conflict management and revolution.

Planning for Intervention International Cooperation in Conflict Management Attributes

Author: Antonia Handler Chayes and Abram Chayes, eds.
Publisher: Cambridge, MA: Kluwer Law International, 1999