Papers on International Environmental Negotiation, Volume 09 An Integrative Approach


Lawrence E. Susskind, William Moomaw, and Kevin Gallagher, eds.


The juxtaposition of diverging political and environmental trends at the turn of the millennium raises the following question: How can the current international treaty making system be corrected to ensure the design of effective treaties that will curb global environmental degradation?


The articles in this volume – the ninth in the series of PON Papers on International Environmental Negotiation – attempt to answer this question in an integrative fashion. They can be grouped into the following categories:

  • The process of international environmental treaty making can be enhanced to incorporate methods and mechanisms that have been utilized in treaties conventionally seen as outside the environmental realm.
  • Environmental concerns can be incorporated into global treates that until recently were seen as not contributing to environmental degradation.
  • Effective corrections of traditional and non-traditional environmental treaties will require new actors, new technologies, and new ways of thinking.


Contributing authors include Maria Fariello, Tobin Freid, Tetsuya Nagashima, Kelly Sims, Ellen Shaw, Authur Ingolfsdottir, Ian Wadley, and Imke Wesseloh.


Papers in this volume include:

  • "Fisheries on the High Seas Dividing the Pie," by Audur Ingolfsdottir
  • "The Visibility and Design of International Greenhouse Gas Emissions Trading," by Kelly Sims
  • "Improving Global Forest Management: Proposals for a Conservation Treaty and for an Enhanced Global Timber Certification Systems," by Tetsuya Nagashima
  • "The Potential for Environmental Contributions to Peace," by Maria Fariello
  • "Civil Society, the Environment, and the free Trade Area of the Americas," by Kevin Gallagher
  • "The Law and the Profits: Corporate Participating in the international Environmental Treaty Making Process," by Ellen Shaw
  • "Revolutionizing International Negotiation: Making Information Technology an Integral Part of Environmental Treaty Making," by Tobin Fred and Imke Wesseloh
  • "World's Apart: A Proposal for Frame Reflective Discourse in International Environmental Negotiations," by Ian Wadley