Lectures on Negotiation Analysis

An edited version of three lectures on negotiation analysis by Professor Howard Raiffa

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NOTE: The softcover version of this book is out of print. The full text is now offered in a 3-ring binder.

This book (presented in a 3-ring binder) is an edited version of three lectures on negotiation analysis presented by Professor Raiffa to the faculty and doctoral students at Harvard during the Spring of 1996. The lecture presentations were sponsored by the Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School, the Kennedy School of Government Negotiation Program and the Negotiation Roundtable.

Professor Raiffa develops an analytical theory on how negotiators working under the idealistic assumption of Full, Opnen, Truthful Exchange (FOTE) can find efficient, equitable outcomes. The issue of fairness is discussed extensively.

Professor Raiffa argues that while the FOTE conditions are extreme, they are approximated surprisingly often. And, by studying this polar extreme in some depth, valuable insights can be generated for the case in which negotiators tell the truth, but perhaps not the whole truth – the case of Partial, Open Truthful Exchange (POTE). Lessons can easily be applied to multi-party negotiations and non-monolithic, multi-team negotiations requiring synchronization of both internal and external negotiations.


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Lectures on Negotiation Analysis Attributes

Author: Howard Raiffa
Publisher: Cambridge, MA: PON Books, 1996