Getting Disputes Resolved Designing Systems to Cut the Costs of Conflict

Winner of the 1988 CPR Award for Excellence in ADR (Outstanding Book Category)

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"As President, I dealt with many disputes, from coal miner strikes to Arab/Israeli conflicts. Getting Disputes Resolved provides the kind of ideas that would have been useful to me in the White House. It would be equally helpful to anyone who has to manage an organization where differences among people must be resolved." – Former President Jimmy Carter


"The authors combine a deep commitment to the civilized resolution of conflict with an unequaled understanding of the steps to that end." – John Kenneth Galbraith, Professor of Economics Emeritus, Harvard University

"Organizational leaders now know that they don't have to decide every dispute in court. Getting Disputes Resolved tells how to manage the settlement process. The authors are professors who practice what they preach. A solid approach. Mediation works!" – Robert Coulson, President, American Arbitration Association

"Getting Disputes Resolved presents a conceptual framework of considerable value and opportunity for family mediators. Designing an effective system for resolving future conflicts as suggested by this book should be an essential component of the mediation process in family, divorce, and interpersonal disputes." – Joan B. Kelly, President, Academy of Family Mediators

"We can no longer afford to spend billions of dollars on costly strikes and lawsuits. There is a better way and this book shows how. It presents a concise method for resolving the many disputes that grow out of all relationships." – William P. Hobgood, United States Assistant Secretary of Labor, for Labor-Management Relations 1979-1981

Getting Disputes Resolved Attributes

Author: William L. Ury, Jeanne M. Brett, and Stephen B. Goldberg
Publisher: Cambridge, MA: PON Books, 1993