Negotiation, Decision Making and Conflict Management

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In this three-volume collection, Professor Max Bazerman synthesizes over five decades of research in the areas of negotiation, decision making, and conflict management. This authoritative and comprehensive collection focuses on research that views negotiation as a multi-party decision making process. Negotiation and conflict resolution are conceptualized as decision making activities, where the individual perceptions of each party and the interactive dynamics of multiple parties are critical elements.

This collection provides an invaluable selection of some of the most important writing of a dominant view of negotiation and conflict resolution, and creates an intellectual history in the process. The eighty-nine articles originally were published between 1950 and 2002, and are organized into the themes of research reviews, classic works, individual biases, intrapersonal conflict, cognitive biases, motivated biases, fairness and justice, prisoner and social dilemmas, third-party intervention, multi-party competitive contexts, and learning and debiasing.

Contributing authors include (among others) M. Bazerman, D. Kahneman, G. Loewenstein, D. Messick, J. Nash, M. Neale, H. Raiffa, L. Ross, A. Roth, T. Schelling, J. Sebenius, R. Thaler, L. Thompson, A. Tversky, and W. Ury.

Editor Max H. Bazerman is Jesse Isador Straus Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School.

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Negotiation, Decision Making and Conflict Management can be ordered online at the Program on Negotiation Clearinghouse.

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