IPNP Workshops Bring Israeli, Palestinian Negotiators Together

By — on / Middle East Negotiation Initiatives, The Israeli Palestinian Negotiating Partners (IPNP)

For the past decade, HNP has supported an annual week-long workshop in Cambridge and advanced regional workshops, aimed at improving negotiation tools and skills of Israeli and Palestinian negotiation professionals and political advisers. A number of PON faculty affiliates, including Bruce Patton, Dan ShapiroRobert Mnookin, William Ury, James Sebenius and Brian Mandell, have consistently contributed to leading workshop sessions and have helped develop teaching materials. IPNP has enjoyed the consistent support of negotiation experts — such as VantagePartners’ senior partner Mark Gordon, CMPartners’ senior Partner Ken Hyatt, former CMG program director Arthur Martirosyan, and Mercy Corps’ Landrum Bolling – for implementation of its programs.

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