Robert Mnookin Most Cited Legal ADR Scholar for 2001-2002

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Robert Mnookin, Chairman of the Steering Committee of PON, has been listed among the most cited law faculty for 2001-2002 in University of Texas School of Law Professor Brian Leiter’s New Educational Quality Rankings of US Law Schools 2000-2002 (EQR).

The EQR lists Prof. Mnookin as the most cited legal ADR scholar, and 77th overall.

Robert Mnookin is the Harvard Law School Samuel Williston Professor of Law. Recognized as one of the outstanding legal scholars in the field of conflict resolution, Mnookin has applied an interdisciplinary approach to a wide range of issues ranging from families and children to multi-national corporations. His most recent book, with Scott R. Peppet and Andrew Tulumello, is Beyond Winning: Negotiating to Create Value in Deals and Disputes (Harvard University Press, 2000).

Since 1993, Mnookin has been chair of the Steering Committee for the Program on Negotiation, the highest rated dispute resolution program in the country [US News]. He is also director of the Program on Negotiation’s Harvard Negotiation Research Project.

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