Harvard Law (Movie) Review: Orange Revolution

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by Matt Hutchuns

(Excerpted from The Record: The Independent Newspaper at Harvard Law School)

Director Steve York’s latest documentary, Orange Revolution, provides an inspiring visual record of how the events in Ukraine unfolded during late 2004. York has produced documentaries on topics ranging from American history to the Palestinian West Bank, and he has recently received critical acclaim for his exploration of non-violent political movements in the films A Force More Powerful and Bringing Down a Dictator. York says, “When we saw during the summer of 2004 what was going on [in Ukraine] and we saw the Yushchenko poisoning . . . we began to pay very close attention.” He and his team arrived in time to capture the scene in full detail, and the product is a compelling story of how a national political crisis was resolved through peaceful demonstrations. The Harvard Program on Negotiation presented the film as a part of the PON Film Series, which has featured both of York’s previous films on non-violent conflict. The version screened is currently being edited for broadcast on PBS later this year.

Read the full article at The Record.

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