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PON Seminar

Will I need to buy books?

You will need to buy 2 or 3 paperback books about $10-15 each.

What is the workload like? Papers?

Workload will consist of preparing for negotiation simulations (averaging 30-45 minutes per week) and light reading (averaging 30 minutes per week).

Can I get credit?

PON is a non-accredited research program. Students from other schools must inquire at their home institutions regarding credit.

How much does it cost?

General: $1500

Grad Students: $1150

Will I receive materials before the class?

You will receive a syllabus on the first night of class.

Will I get a certificate?

Yes, you will receive a certificate of attendance for each course.

Do I need negotiation or law experience?

No. However, a grip on the English language is helpful for the group work exercises.

What kinds of students do you have?

A good mix. We have career changers, people who move to Cambridge for the course, and all kinds of professional students.

Is it a lecture course?

No. It’s similar an interactive course with role playing exercises.

How do I get reduced tuition?

Have a supervising faculty member write a letter and submit by the first class. Instructions are on the PON website.

How many students are in the class?


Is attendance taken?

Yes. You are allowed up to 3 absences, though it’s highly recommended that you attend as many classes as possible.

Is the Seminar open to international students?


What does $50 fee cover?

It’s a processing fee that covers administrative costs.

Who do I send my proof of graduate student status letter to?

Please send to hni@law.harvard.edu before the first class meets.

When does my tuition have to be paid for?

Tuition must be paid in full by the first class date.

Do you offer refunds?

Yes, minus the $50 registration fee.

Are there any preparatory materials or assignments?


Can I have a Harvard email address?

No, because you will not be a Harvard student.

Can I live on campus?


Does Harvard have an agreement with a hotel?


After registration and payment, what else do I need to send?

If you are receiving discounted tuition, we’ll need a letter of proof from your supervising professor.

Is the PON Seminar a Harvard course?

Harvard’s Program on Negotiation is a research program that offers the Seminar. The course is taught very much like the courses at Harvard but participants are not students of Harvard University.

Where will the seminar be held?

On Harvard’s campus.

Does Harvard assist in obtaining a visa?


Can I make a deposit to hold my spot?

Payment must be made in full by the first class.

Will I receive any information before the class starts?

Yes, a welcome email will be sent.

Do the fall and spring courses cost the same amount of money?


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