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PON Global – Now Live and Online!

In 2016, the Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School (PON) launched an innovative blended learning course, hosted in cities around the world — PON Global. Responding to today’s challenges, PON is now offering PON Global — Online through Zoom, combining the best negotiation teaching, theory, and new technology to advance your negotiation practice.

To address today’s increasingly virtual environment, the program will also explore how to conduct online negotiations.

Alongside other accomplished leaders from around the world, you’ll broaden your understanding of negotiation concepts and acquire proven negotiating techniques through a learning format that includes:

– Interactive Zoom sessions led by PON instructors
– Approximately five hours of engaging and educational prerecorded videos, featuring 11 world-class PON faculty members
– Dynamic negotiation exercises
– Harvard case studies based on real-world scenarios
– Appearances by guest faculty
– Opportunities to negotiate and engage in discussion with your fellow participants
– Bonus materials available online for two weeks following the program
– Optional technical training sessions

Adapted for online delivery, PON Global’s intensive format is designed to provide you with:

– Cutting-edge negotiation skills
– Teach you to overcome emotional and rational biases, and
– Help you learn a range of cooperative and competitive negotiation strategies

At PON Global — Online, you’ll broaden your understanding of negotiation concepts and acquire proven negotiating techniques.

By the end of this intensive, six-session learning program, you’ll emerge with the ability to:

– Lead at the bargaining table

– Close deals while building strong relationships

– Practice with confidence

– Build lasting relationships

The first step to becoming a better negotiator? Download the PON Global — Online July 2021 Brochure.

This quick-reading brochure features:

– A detailed curriculum of negotiation study

– Summaries of each in-depth module

– Testimonials from executives who have attended PON Global

– A list of the faculty members, which includes negotiation experts from Harvard Business School, Harvard Law School, and MIT

PON Global — Online dates, fees, and registration information

PON Global is a game-changing experience. But don’t take our word for it…

Within the pages of the PON Global — Online July 2021 Brochure, you’ll hear from your fellow business professionals who have all attended PON Global.

Like Mette Ide Davidsen, Novo Nordic Foundation, Aarhus, who says:

A great course linking research, practice, and concrete negotiation tools, and
highlighting the importance of relationships and value making in negotiations.

Or, Omar Baghdadi, Al-Qawafil International for Tourism Services, Jeddah who says:

What an intriguing and eye-opening course. It is both an art and a science.
Loved and enjoyed every moment of the course.

Get a session-by-session look at PON Global — Online

With a description of every day of PON Global — Online, you’ll learn how to build successful relationships. By taking part in dynamic negotiation exercises, you’ll gain a better understanding of the core frameworks of negotiation and decision-making strategies such as:

– Determining when to cooperate to create value and when to compete to claim your share

– Dealing with manipulative tactics, stonewalling, obstructive behavior, and other difficult tactics

– Dealing effectively with emotions and relationship

– Learning how to overcome cultural barriers

– Achieving negotiation success

Earn a Professional Credential from the Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School

Participants who take part in all sessions and negotiation simulations will receive a Certificate of Completion from the Program on Negotiation.

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Our July sessions of PON Global — Online are filling up fast, so find out more today by downloading your PON Global — Online July 2021 Brochure. You’ll be glad you did.


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Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School


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