Negotiation Master Class Spring 2019 Program Guide

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Over the years thousands of professionals have participated in negotiation programs at the Program on Negotiation (PON) at Harvard Law School. And after a few months or years of putting their negotiation skills and techniques to work, participants inevitably ask us, what’s next?

What can you expect from the Harvard Negotiation Master Class negotiation training?

If you are selected to participate, you’ll take part in small learning groups and dynamic exercises with two-way feedback. You’ll work closely with faculty members to develop a strategy that addresses your personal negotiation challenges, and take part in intensive simulations. And more than that, you’ll have the rare opportunity to step away from your day-to-day responsibilities to

  • Identify and eliminate your weaknesses
  • Learn how to leverage your skills in new ways
  • Become expert at resolving and defusing conflict anywhere
  • Develop skills necessary for C-suite and upper management
  • Master new strategies, developed by your world-renowned instructors, that most negotiators have never heard of

Renowned academics and dealmakers are your instructors

The Harvard Negotiation Master Class is taught by a lineup of distinguished professors, leading researchers, and renowned authors who have helped develop the negotiation strategies used by many of the world’s most successful leaders. Our faculty members have negotiated peace treaties, brokered multi-billion dollar deals, and hammered out high-stakes agreements between world leaders. Together they have developed the first-of-its-kind program aimed at developing world-class negotiators.

Gabriella Blum is a member of the Program on Negotiation Executive Committee and faculty director of the Program on International Law and Armed Conflict. She is widely published in the fields of public international law and the law and morality of war, and is a Carnegie Fellow and recipient of the Roy C. Palmer Civil Liberties Prize.

Sheila Heen is a lecturer on law at Harvard Law School, co-founder and CEO of Triad Consulting Group, and senior affiliate of the Harvard Negotiation Project. She additionally teaches in executive education and MBA leadership programs at Dartmouth’s Tuck School of Business and Washington University’s Olin School of Management.

Brian Mandell is a senior lecturer at Harvard Kennedy School, where he serves as the director of the school’s Negotiation Project and the chair of the Wexner-Israel Fellowship Program. He is a multiple recipient of the school’s Most Influential Course Award, Manuel Carballo Excellence in Teaching Award,

Lawrence E. Susskind, Ford Foundation Professor of Urban and Environmental Planning at MIT and Vice-Chair of Pedagogy for Harvard’s Program on Negotiation. Professor Susskind founded the Consensus Building Institute in 1993 and has been delivering tailored learning and organizational development solutions on a worldwide basis ever since. In PON’s executive education programs, he has delivered specialized negotiation training to more than 40,000 executives from around the world.

The Harvard Negotiation Master Class will help you become the person who resolves conflicts every day, communicates with difficult clients or partners, smooths and salvages relationships both inside and outside the company, and serves as a knowledgeable and trustworthy leader. You will emerge from this a highly skilled and confident negotiator who can drive negotiations, no matter how complex, and be the one person at the table who truly understands the game and how to play.

Participation is strictly limited. Download the brochure today to find out how you can take your game and career to a new level.


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  • how can I enroll this program? I hope to know what is required for overseas person.

    • You can find complete descriptions of all of our programs on our website.

  • i am impressed with your initiative of finding solutions to conflicts but i want to learn more about international and national conflict resolutions.

    • If you look on our blog on our website you will find lots of information on these topics. We also have free reports available on these topics on our website.


    I’m from Brazil, a business mediator. I would like to know if you have a class in portuguese language. I read and write in english, but I didn’t get a fluence. I would like very much to participate in a course about mediation in Harvard. Thank you so much

  • Will the Negotiation Master class be taught exclusively in April, or will there be other options in the Fall or Winter? Thank you.

    • Typically the Master Class is taught in April and November, however, the November 2019 dates are not yet confirmed.

  • Polly/Staff
    Do we have a list of the one day seminars ready yet for 2019?
    Ross P. Alander

    • Hello,
      You can find the one day seminars for spring available on our website. The fall one days are not final yet.

    • Hello,
      Yes, there will be a fall Master Class that will run from November 11 through November 13. It will open for registration in late April.

    • Hello,
      Unfortunately there are no discount for university hospital employees.

    • Gail O.

      Yes, there will be a November Master Class that will be open for registration in mid-April.

  • Stefie

    Do the atendies receive certificate or diploma and what is the certification named?


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