Tim McDonald

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Tim McDonald

Visiting Researcher, Pardee RAND Graduate School

Ph.D. Candidate, Pardee RAND Graduate School

Timothy McDonald is a Graduate Fellow at the Pardee RAND Graduate School, and an Assistant Policy Researcher at the RAND Corporation. His research focuses on helping leaders respond to disruption by developing and implementing strategy to address the systemic drivers of societal challenges. This includes developing methodological approaches to strategy and negotiation, and applying the methods to specific domains.

He has contributed to analyses in national security, strategic competition, and the design of economic, education, and health systems. He is a co-principal investigator of a research program in consumer-driven health system reform, and at RAND he co-facilitates the Initiative on System Transformation. His research has been published in the American Journal of Health Economics, American Journal of Managed Care, Journal of Policy and Complex Systems, and in RAND research reports on systems analysis, decision making under deep uncertainty, strategic competition, and national security. He holds an M.P.P. in business and government from the Harvard Kennedy School, and a B.A. in political science from Hamline University.