Nicole Bryant, PON Executive Commitee

Nicole Bryant

Managing Director, Program on Negotiation

Executive Committee Member, Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School

Nicole Bryant is the Managing Director of the Program on Negotiation and member of PON’s Executive Committee. She brings to the position a proven track record of successful management and growth of large-scale continuing education programming in an international context. At PON, she oversees the activities of the staff, and supports the work of the faculty and researchers.

Bryant previously worked at Tufts University, as the Director of Continuing and Professional Education Programs at University College, and prior to that at the élite French University Sciences Po, where she served as the Director of Continuing Education and as member of the University’s Executive Committee.

She is a graduate of Columbia University, Sciences Po, and the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Paris, where she was the first American to be admitted via the international selection exams. She lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts.


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  • Jackie N.

    I am writing a book review of Len Riskin’s book, Managing Conflict. I attended the PON virtual book talk and I think you said there were over 700 on the zoom. I would like to put that in the review but I want to make sure it is accurate. Can you tell me?


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