Julia A. Minson

Julia A. Minson
Associate Professor of Public Policy, Harvard Kennedy School

Julia A. Minson, Ph.D is an Associate Professor of Public Policy at the Harvard Kennedy School (HKS), where she is affiliated with the Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy; the Center for Public Leadership; and the Taubman Center for State and Local Government. She teaches offerings in negotiation and decision-making through both HKS Executive Education, and as part of the Management, Leadership and Decision Science Certificate.

Professor Minson’s research focuses on the nature of disagreement around delicate identity topics such as politics, decision-making in the workplace, and personal lifestyle choices. Her work specifically aims to help people—in both professional and personal settings—be more receptive to opposing views through simple and actionable interventions. She also studies the psychological biases in group decision-making and the factors that prevent people in positions of power from reaping the benefits of collaboration.

Additionally, she leads the HKS Conflict Management and Depolarization speaker series. The majority of Professor Minson’s research is conducted in collaboration with the graduate and post-doctoral students at the MC2 – the Minson Conflict and Collaboration Lab.


B.A., Harvard University

Ph.D., Stanford University


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  • Matthew H.

    Mrs. Minson,
    I listened to the Hidden Brain podcast on “How to Keep Conflict from Spiraling” which was phenomenal. So many times verbal communication is very subjective and inefficient, however, your message was HEARD and I understood what you were saying. I loved the intelligence, humility, and honesty that you projected. Being a husband of 40 years (to the same wonderful wife, lol) we thought of splitting so many times but knew there is a higher purpose to this institution, so we bulled through it. After years of struggle, I started to work on myself and we have built our relationship toolbox, which (Indirectly) included the “Hear” method (thank you Chris Voss). With your “HEAR” philosophy, we have not changed each other, however, we have changed the dynamic between us into a more loving and caring environment. Your work does change lives! Thank you very much.


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